Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I am looking up at
a large tree, the mango
tree in our Velim backyard.
You know how leaves grow
on branches and then turn
yellow and dead and fall
off. That is happening on
this tree as well. The
difference is that I am
watching it happen at a
'fast-forward' rate. Leaves are sprouting,
growing and moving, turning yellow
and brown and falling off at
a rather rapid pace. Now
there are two spirits in
the tree that seem to
be expressing themselves in this
metabolism of the leaves in
the tree. In two different
parts of the tree, the
left side and the right
side. They seem to be
arguing between themselves as the
leaves and branches get into
a great tumult and there
is a violent trashing around
in the foliage of the
tree. The leaves seem to
be like words. No two
leaves are alike. An arrangement
of leaves in space (and
time - as they sprout and
die) is like a sentence
or a shout. So I
see the two halves of
the tree (not exactly halves-
sometimes diffused boundaries) raging away
at each other. Sometimes the
leaves all seem to agitate
together, yet there are two
distinct 'voices' in the melee,
like two people shouting at
the same times (all the
words are up in the
air together, but you know
who is saying what!) Then

there is a sudden powerful
voice or entity in the
sky (or wherever) that silences
the tree, tells it (them)
to shut up, sort of.
The tree falls quiet and
the leaves and branches only
move softly in the wind
as usual. But now I
know that the movement and
growth and death of leaves
are words spoken, so I
keep watching the tree minutely
trying to decipher what they
are saying. It is less
clear now, but I know they
are still bickering between each
other. Sometimes some leaves seem
to grow a wee bit
faster, a few dead leaves
are tossed around, a branch
twitches somewhere, I try to
catch their meaning, but they
are really just mumbling at
each other. They seem to
be afraid of the voice
in the sky and are
now quiet like petulant children.  

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