Monday, April 27, 2015

Konkani Proverb Desk Calendar

Love proverbs? Why not browse through a proverb every day and nod your head profoundly, or just have a good laugh? The 'Wit & Wisdom of Ancient Goa' Desk Calendar brings you 366 Konkani proverbs, compiled by José Lourenço of Amazing Goa Publications and richly illustrated by Goa's illustrious cartoonist Mário de Miranda.

After a sold out initial print run in 2010, this unique collector's item is now available again. Limited copies available, so order your copy today. Retail price Rs 400/-.

Order 3 copies and get a 15% discount (with home delivery free in Goa) and a free gift of an Amazing Goa Info-cards box with 1000 facts on Goa (worth Rs 250/-). To place your order, phone or message me at 9822184740 or email :

Copies remaining: 870 of 1000 (updated 25.04.15)

The proverbs of Konkani culture bear witness to a simpler time when morality and ethics were taught through metaphors found in Nature – the animals, birds, flowers, fruits, hills and rivers of a bountiful Goa.

The quirks and follies of Man are tersely expressed with biting wit and even the passage of kings and nations through our tiny but significant land of Goa are inscribed in our aphorisms forever.

In this desk calendar, the satirical wit and profundity of 366 Konkani proverbs stand alongside the illustrations of the most iconic and celebrated Goan cartoonist, Mário de Miranda. The proverbs and cartoons will ensure you start your day with a smile, sometimes a hearty laugh, and a gem of ancient Goan wisdom.

Order 3 copies of the Konkani Proverb Calendar (see offer at top of page) and get a free copy of the Amazing Goa Information Card box of 200 Q&A cards containing 1000 facts about Goa. It even has a little index booklet to help you get to the answers you need in various areas like history, geography, flora & fauna, food, politics, music, tiatr, dance, literature, etc. Very few copies remaining, this little box is a collector's item too.

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